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Artist Statement

I am a self portrait artist who creates conceptual photographic art.  I use elements that are random, whimsical and multi-faceted that when blended together reveal a moment in a story.   I create each image to be it's own narrative, setting a scene that allows a story to take place in the viewer's mind.

I am inspired by everything around me; a pathway, a unique looking tree, or a field of tall grass that calls for me to run through it. I am inspired by ordinary objects that I can incorporate in my images in fun new creative ways. I find inspiration everywhere I go and seek it out almost daily.

Using self portraiture allows me to be the characters I see in my vision. It gives me freedom to be myself and also expand on who I am through my images. It began as an easier means to my art, but has evolved into my inner narrator showing through in these mini stories.

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